Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How To Rewrite Articles

Chapter 11 - Your Secret Weapon - How To Rewrite Articles 
There will be occasions when you don't have the time or inclination to write several articles about a particular subject. You may have several sites that you want to promote and whilst you're comfortable with writing a few articles, you don't have the time to write several hundred. Researching for a single article doesn't take that much time but, let's be honest trawling through several hundred web sites to find material for several hundred articles is pretty time-consuming. 
So what can you do? 
One thing is to pay someone to write those articles for you. We'll be covering outsourcing in a couple of chapters time. However if you're looking for something in between writing everything yourself and paying someone to write everything for you, here are 3 options: 
1. Rewriting someone else's article/content
2. Combining content from several articles and rewriting that 3. Rewriting Private Label Rights (PLR) articles 
The first one I would completely reject; I just included it for reference because I have seen some so-called marketing experts recommend this method. If you are rewriting a single article, unless you are very good, you run the very real risk of being accused of plagiarism at best, and breach of copyright at worst. 
The other reason is that it is actually not that easy to rewrite a single article; far easier to take material from several sources and combine that into one, new, unique article. So we'll disregard that method and just focus on the other two.

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